This blog was created to let the readership into the mind of a questioner and an artist-of-sorts. To melt the crown, and realize that all authority can be shaped into something different provided you apply enough heat, is the purpose of this blog. Basically, to let you know that nothing is set in stone and to  influence all people to think about all questions- philosophical, political, religious, etc. But also to inspire you to formulate your own conclusions based on the evidence you are presented. To question is the most important thing we can do to change anything.


So it’s not so weird, I will talk about myself in the third person. I’m pretty sure it’ll still be weird.

Ed Oliver recently completed and published his first novel “Resurfaced”- available in all e-book formats- and is now working on his second novel. He is also an amateur painter and in his free time he likes to take long walks on the beach under the moon. Okay this last one is not true. But he does enjoy a good book and a good conversation. He also enjoys food and his favorite pizza is anything that has cheese, dough, and stuff on it.

For the future, Ed Oliver hopes to contribute to and inspire society with his writing and hopefully effect positive change in the world. Even though he is dead-set against a formal college education, he recognizes the extreme power of knowledge and continues to educate himself by whatever means possible.

He has great friends and hopes that they bring pizza and talk about important subjects that affect our world right now. He is an atheist, but hopes that people understand that his non-belief does not define who he is- his love for pizza does.

Ed is a strong believer in the power of the question and urges you to ask him anything you’d like! And he also hopes that you like what he has to say or at least try to understand it.



Let your rage out

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